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Dupont Underground Washington DC

Movement, light and kinetic energy are combined deep underground to create a unique visitor experience.

In Numbers

  • 65,000 plastic balls
  • 14 acres of high tenacity polypropylene
  • 700 barrels of balls in netting form walls linked by pulleys
  • 40 suns are spheres of 5,000 balls each
  • 70 poles of netted balls to create pathways

About Dupont Underground

This iconic subway station has been derelict for many years but its history is recognised in much of the literature about the area. The small plastic balls were previously installed at The Architecture Museum in 2015 for an urban beach to great public acclaim.

Our competition entry enhanced the playful character of the scheme by producing barrels and tubes of balls. These are connected by a hidden series of pulleys and cables to make hidden connections for children and adults to interact with, proposing new life for an abandoned site.

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